How to Effectively Work From Home

With new technology, companies were enabled to offer work-from-home setup for employees especially now that we are in the midst of a health crisis. This flexibility has also brought more productivity to WFHs while making sure that mental health is well prioritized.

The following are some practical tips to help you work from home in a more productive way:


Creating a Routine

It’s important to maintain a regular schedule if you’re working from your home office. Without a routine, there’s a high chance of slacking off or get distracted from what you need to accomplish for the day. A daily schedule will motivate you to be productive. For instance, aim to get up early and put on a comfy pair of clothes before working on your computer to complete your project on time.


Stretching and having a daily workout helps increase endorphins so you will feel happier and more interested in productive things. It’s also essential in maintaining a good posture since you’ll be sitting in front of your laptop for hours. You should exercise in the morning to start your day right.

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Taking Breaks

You need to take regular breaks in order to stay physically and mentally healthy. In fact, don’t feel guilty when taking breaks and doing leisure stuff because you need that for your mental health. “Brain breaks” are essential in becoming more productive while working from home. It could be reading a magazine, going for a walk, or doing an artwork.

Having a Balanced Diet

Eating healthy meals and snacks is another priority when working from home. Instead of snacking on cookies, chips, or pizza, make time to cook your own food with organic ingredients. Fruits and veggies help boost productivity while maintaining a healthy body. Plan on your weekly groceries and make sure to buy nutritional snacks and drinks.

Building a Rewards System

When it comes to getting things done, a rewards system is the way to go. This is an effective way to curb procrastination and other negative habits that are hindering your from completing your tasks. Every time you have accomplished a task, you can reward yourself with a few minutes break like strolling around the neighborhood or whatever it is that will keep you inspired to work more.

More and more companies are now offering jobs that can be performed at home. If you want to jump on the train, or have already been working from home for years, it’s important to prioritize your mental health as well as your nutritional needs to stay productive. Follow these tips to make your WFH experience more enjoyable and meaningful.

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