5 Online Games Children Can Play for Free

Going on trips with kids can be stressful especially when they can’t do a lot of physical activities or games that involve kids outside the household due to the still ongoing but slowly relaxing global situation caused by the pandemic. Even if we would like our kids to limit their mobile or computer screen time, at some instances, we can’t really avoid it.

So, what is the best thing to do? Let them play entertaining yet educational games!

Thankfully, a website like calculators.org exists. They have a good selection of online games that can be played by kids and adults. Actually, it can even give some nostalgic vibes especially if you grew up playing board and arcade games.

Let us share you some of our favorites:

1. Grocery Cashier

I don’t know about you, but one of my childhood dreams is becoming a business owner. In fact, I used to spend two consecutive summers assisting as a cashier-in-training in a relative’s mini-grocery. Kids can do the same even if they’re not physically volunteering in a real store.

In the Grocery Cashier game, the players are tasked to contact customers, collect payments and hand them their change. You think it is easy? Think again!

2. Guess Who?

Guess What? It’s time to Guess Who!

This quiz game is simple. All you have to do is figure out who is the other player by answering a series of yes or no questions. It can be a thrilling game especially with more players involved. The twist is one must guess it before the players gets unmasked by his/her competitor. Some of the frequently asked questions are: Is your character male? Does your character have a blonde hair? Is your character wearing a bandana? In short, this is quite similar to our Pinoy Henyo game!

3. Snakes and Ladders

This triggers childhood memories for most kids who grew up in the 80’s and 90’s. It is a game where the destiny of the payers depends on a roll of a dice, some ladders that will help elevate their status and reach the top and some snakes of different sizes that can bring them down. Though more known as a board game for people wanting to fight boredom, it is currently developed as an online game where a user can play with humans or a robot.

4. Cute Avatar Creator

What if your kid wants to get artsy and create some cute avatars? Well, they have some art-related games too!

One of the games that caught my attention is the Cute Avatar Creator. From the name itself, the users are given the opportunity to customize their own avatar that they can use personally. Unleash your creativity
by using their free online tools. There is a user-friendly guide for your reference. I love the fact that users can save their works. It can be a cool tool for our future artists.

5. Feed Math

Last but not the least is Feed Math. Why? Because I am hungry!

Kidding aside, I am craving for sushi right now. This simple yet educational game for kids is a test where we will help our dear sushi boy in solving math equations by adding numbered dishes. As the game progresses, the equations that need to be solved get more and more difficult. If we want to help sushi boy eat a lot of food, we have to answer questions as fast as we can! This game can help enhance a child’s math-solving skills.

Did you like my selection of online games that kids can play for free? Which one is your best pick? If you want to play more games related to math, art, board, arcade, health or even music games, just visit calculators.org!

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