Semana Santa 2023: Visita Iglesia in Pangasinan – 7 Churches to visit

If you’re planning your visita iglesia in Pangasinan this year, there are so many churches to include in your itinerary. One of them is the most popular Manaoag Church plus other cathedrals that will complete your Lenten season experience in the Philippines. Gather your family and loved ones to celebrate holy week with stronger ties and devotion through this simple trip. Without further adieu, here are the top 7 picks for your visita iglesia in Pangasinan:

Our Lady of Manaoag Church at night | Photo Credit: Manaoag Basilica FB page
  1. Manaoag Church. Our Lady of Manaoag Shrine is located in Manaoag, Pangasinan. This is a famous basilica where the Marian Image is found. Pilgrims visit the site every Lenten Season to pay respect and utter some prayers. So, if you’re spending your Holy Thursday in Pangasinan with your family and loved ones, don’t forget to visit this church.Recommended Manaoag Hotel: The Manaoag Hotel *newly built*

    Mangaldan Church | Source: Pinoy Churches
  2. Mangaldan Church. St. Thomas Aquinas Parish Church is located in Mangaldan, Pangasinan. In 1942, the erection of the 6th and present cathedral in Mangaldan paved way for parishioners to strengthen their faith and devotion. And now, the parish has been enriched by Dominican missionaries so that the people of Mangaldan will have a place for prayers and meditation.Recommended Place to Stay in Mangaldan: Hotel Trish

    Dagupan Church | Photo Credit: Lakad Pilipinas
  3. Dagupan Church. St. John the Evangelist Church is located in Dagupan City. The building is modern with spacious interior when you go inside. Parishioners love the ambience of this church especially during visita iglesia on Holy Thursday. You can invite your friends and family to check out the basilica for stronger devotion as true Roman Catholics.Recommended Places to Stay in Dagupan City: Hotel Le Duc, Lenox Hotel or search for more Dagupan Hotels

    Calasiao Church | Photo Source: Inquirer News
  4. Calasiao Church. Sts. Peter and Paul Parish is located in Calasiao, Pangasinan. This is Calasiao’s National Cultural Treasure with distinct main altar. The massive facade is made of cement and bricks which have been established during the early times. You will definitely feel your visita iglesia in this place.
    Recommended Place to Stay in Calasiao: The Monarch Hotel and Pangasinan Regency Hotel

    Binmaley Church | Photo Soure: Langyaw
  5. Binmaley Church. Our Lady of Purification Church is located in Binmaley, Pangasinan. This is another ancient cathedral to visit because of it impressive bell tower and solemn ambience. The place is inviting and somber for all parishioners and devotees. With your loved ones, make sure to know the real essence of Holy Thursday and why you visiting churches on this day.

    Lingayen Church | Photo Credit: Pondering Paodaolei
  6. Lingayen Church. Epiphany of Our Lord Church is located in Lingayen, Pangasinan. The cathedral was renovated after it’s bombed during World War II. The bell tower is octagonal in shape and has survived through the years. You’ll feel the sacredness of the place while you visit it this lent. Families are able to devote their Catholicism here together with the local parishioners in the area.Recommended Place to Stay in Lingayen: Nielcam Baywalk Beach Resort, Bergamo Hotel and YRS Resort

    Bugallon Church | Photo Source: Panoramio
  7. Bugallon Church. Our Lady of Lourdes Church is located in Salasa, Bugallon, Pangasinan. Before, this cathedral is known as Salasa Church after its town’s name. Today, this is locally known as Bugallon Church with bricked walls and biblical statues inside. This basilica can be the last destination for your visita iglesia this year’s Lenten season. But, the experience is absolutely memorable especially with the presence of your family and friends.Recommended Place to Stay in Bugallon: Buddha Resort


Virgin Mother of God,
Queen of the most Holy Rosary,
Thou who hast chosen to raise thy throne of mercy in
to be the beloved protectress and patron
of the Province of Pangasinan,
and therefrom to bestow thy graces on us thy children,
banished in this alley of tears,
look down with Thine eyes of mercy upon me,
who am beset with so many dangers of body and soul.

Despise not my petition O dearest Mother,
but intercede for me before
thy divine Son now and at the hour of my death.

(ask most important favor)

After asking favor, pray
Three (3) Hail Mary’s and
Three (3) Glory be to the Father

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