If you are thinking about planning a trip to an exotic location, where you can relax and unwind from the daily hassles that life has in store for you, then La Union is the place to be. La Union is a small province that is located in the Philippines. La Union can be found in the Illocos region that is situated in the island of Luzon. The province of La Union has boundaries with Benguet, Illocos Sur and Pangasinan, which are also famous tourist hotspots, so if you decide to visit La Union, remember that you will not be restricted to just one area as you can move freely to these other tourist destinations as well. The area of La Union is famous for its sandy beaches where tourists can relax, due to the fact that it shares boundaries with the China Sea, that is also responsible for the year round Mediterranean weather.

Not only is the area of La Union a top tourist attraction, it is very literate and advanced in terms of education, agriculture and manufacturing and is not only dependant on tourism to support their economy. The province of La Union is comprised of a total of nineteen municipalities and one major city. A few of the cities which you should definitely visit upon your arrival to La Union include Agoo, Bangar, Pugo, Tubao, Santol, San Gabriel, San Juan, Burgos, Luna and Caba.

A few famous things that tourists should indulge in when they visit La Union includes surfing since after all the province of La Union is famous for surfing and is also known as the surfing capital. Furthermor,e if you are adventurous you can go for deep sea diving in the Fagg Reef. You can also visit the Our Lady of Namacpacan shrine that holds great architectural importance. Furthermore the La Union Botanical Garden presents a great escape to all those nature lovers, so if you want an exciting adventure, plan your next trip to La Union.

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