Why Family Road Trips Will Be a Thing After ECQ

According to the Department of Tourism, family road trips can help uplift Philippine tourism once the health crisis is over. Domestic travel such as short-distance road trips can revive the industry when lockdown policies are lifted completely. And one of the best driving destinations to start your adventures is in the Ilocandia Region.

Photo by Kylo

Yes, there are plenty of attractions you can enjoy with the whole family including those in Pangasinan, La Union, Ilocos Norte, and Ilocos Sur. If you’re living in the metro, it will only take a few hours of travel by land to reach these exciting places. Here are some reasons why you deserve a fun road trip to northern Luzon after ECQ:

  • Best for social distancing. Some people would rush to the mall once the Enhanced Community Quarantine is lifted. However, due to the “new normal” that we need to follow even after this pandemic is over, it’s better to avoid crowded places in the meantime. A road trip with family is the best to stay safe from getting infected by coronavirus.
  • A breath of fresh air. After staying for more than two months inside the house, you literally need some fresh air to stay healthy. Driving to Ilocos would be a great exercise for your lungs with windows wide open. Plus, you will surely enjoy the view as you pass by the beautiful cities in the region.
  • Plenty of attractions to enjoy. Whether you’re a sun-worshipper or an adventure-seeker, Ilocandia got everything you need in your travel. Beach, mountains, local tourist spots, and cool hotels to stay in, you name it and you got it.
  • It’s the most practical way to travel. Even if travel bans are lifted after the curve has been flattened, there will still be travel restrictions particularly on leisure activities. Forget about traveling by airplane, make use of your private car to enjoy your vacation somewhere within the Philippines.
  • Road trips are more affordable. Admit it, you only need to spend some cash on gas and food to travel via car. And if you’re really traveling on a budget, you can surely find a lot of tourist destinations that only ask a small fee to get in. Also, there are cheap hostels to accommodate you if you want to stay overnight in the area.

Don’t forget to check out the local dishes of our Ilocano friends. Aside from their specialty pinakbet, there’s so many other Ilocano delicious dishes you can try such as dinendeng, sinanglaw, longganisa, bagnet, and their sukang Iloko. Just one more tip before you pack up for your Ilocos road trip: make sure you have enough cargo space because you will surely not go home empty-handed with so many souvenirs to buy in the region.

So, are you ready for the lifting of ECQ in Luzon? The best reward for staying home and following your local government guidelines is to get on a road trip with your loved ones and see the beauty of Ilocandia like never before!

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