How to Use Kumu App and How to Earn Money From It

Live streaming has become a common thing on the internet since giant platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube started offering such feature to users. However, these platforms are unrestricted so anyone can comment on your content with both positive and negative feedback.

If you’re a beginner, a safe live streaming platform is a good option. Kumu is an ideal space for newbie live streamers who want to keep everything under control. This app helps you maintain a light interaction that is educational for the viewers.

KUMU – Your Pinoy Livestreaming App


What is Kumu App?

Kumu is a social application designed and created by Filipino developers for Filipino users across the globe. This is one of the fastest growing livestream communities that provides quick and easy navigation for new streamers. As a reliable networking app for millennial and Gen Z Filipinos, you can choose any type of content to stream on your channel.

From the word kumusta, Kumu highlights the Filipino value of checking up on each other and staying connected no matter where you are in the world. It is particularly targeted on Filipinos living in or out of the country. Whether you’re under the Gen Z or millennial age group, this newest social networking app is for you.

How to Earn Real Cash

Besides interacting with fellow Filipinos on Kumu, there’s also an opportunity to make some money from the platform. All you have to do is do a livestream and join game shows to earn instant cash. To begin, check out the Game Show category to find contests that offer money rewards to winners.

Your audience can send you virtual gifts that you can convert into cash. Kumu users can buy stuff from the online shop and give them to their best-loved content creators. Also, you can collaborate with brands to sponsor your livestreams. Some of the current partners of Kumu include StyleGenie, Grab, Tous Le Jour, and Fatburger.

Why Kumu Is the Coolest App Today

The virtual gifting feature of Kumu makes it a relevant social networking platform that you can take advantage of today. Not only that, the in-app wallet makes it easier to manage tokens while you can connect it to PayPal. It’s a good option if you’re looking for a raket by doing what you love.

Learn, share, and inspire audiences via Kumu app by creating educational content that users will enjoy. There’s no room for nega-vibes with this functional and in style social app. You can be yourself without the bashers so it’s really a great way to kick-start your live streaming career like Mica Javier, Gisa Paredes and Sheena Vera Cruz.

You can watch this simple introductory video explained by KC Montero:

So are you ready to become a live streamer? Download the Kumu App today!

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