ILOCOS NORTE has been one of the favourite vacation sites in the country. Located on the northern most part of Luzon, it is composed of awesome historical places, breath-taking sceneries, and great hospitality from the people.

The place has a serene way of living, not to mention the museums, windmills, beaches, and the ever delectable empanada that completes the package of the historical-cultural-natural and man-made tourist attractions.

For the historical aspect of the place Cape Bojeador Lighthouse seems to be on top of the list. Built in 1892 it stand still as the highest light house in our country. Going up on it gives a thrilling feeling since you can catch a very nice over-looking view of the place.

Marcos is big in this place so passing by cultural places related to them is a must. One of which is the Balay Ti Ili or the Marcos Museum & Mausoleum. It is found in Batac, showcasing memorabilia of the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos.

Aside from the mentioned place in Batac, it is also essential to visit the place where the best empanadas in Ilocos are found. The place is just across the across the Marcos Museum & Mausoleum. Empanada is also a real big thing when in Ilocos. They even have the best empanada contest in Batac to give glory to the world known street food in the place.

Going back to cultural places, Malacañang of the North is also a place to be. It was built as the official residence of the late President Marcos. It has a spectacular overlooking view of Paoay Lake that makes it something to look forward for. Aside from it, it is now being used as a museum with minimal entrance fee.

Speaking of Paoay, one of the most popular places in Ilocos and usually seen in post cards is the legendary Paoay Church. This church looks so elegant during day and even night time, and is indeed still an amazing structure when it comes to aesthetical and architectural value. It is built with coral rocks and stucco-plastered bricks. This longstanding church is built around 1704- 1894. Its architectural and aesthetical guise is an intricate combination of Gothic, Oriental and Baroque designs. Aside from its cultural value, it also extends its historical value as it served as observation post for Katipuneros during the Philippine Revolution. To sum up all the amazement, this place is part of the UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

For natural destinations, beaches are really high in this place especially during summer. There is a stretch of beaches that can be found along Bangui-Pagudpud. In Pagudpud, it will be good to experience the fun of sun bathing on its white sand beaches. No doubt that these two municipalities are currently being develop into tourism estates.

Lastly, in Burgos, there are fifteen wind mills or turbines in the shore of Bangui which are made to be a source of electricity (about 40% of their total consumption) for the consumers of Ilocos Norte. It also became a tourist attraction since it is just astonishing and relaxing to see the wind mills moved- or even when they don’t move. It’s just really fun!

Aside from these places, it is also good to know places to stay in Ilocos Norte. Here are  5 suggestions for a relaxing and comfortable stay in the place.

  1. Kapuluan Beach Resort and Restaurant- It gives a clean and peaceful vibe- a small piece of paradise, as they say. The tranquil ambiance of this place is really inviting.
  2. Saud Beach Resort- It gives a good sunset view with the golden white sand beaches where you can stroll and commune with nature while enjoying the cool breeze from the shore.
  3. Hannah’s Beach Resort- Fun place to be. This place is famous to travellers as it offers an exclusive paradise to visitors in an endless turquoise waters and powdery sand beaches of Pagudpud. The sight of windmills makes it a perfect getaway to tourist.
  4. Grand Octagon Resort- Their modest rooms are very homey. It is a 3-star hotel but worth the price since the place is very relaxing and has an outdoor pool where you can just dip into the waters. And also offers a complimentary breakfast.
  5. Fort Ilocandia Resort- The only 5-star hotel found in Laoag City, far from the beaches but really classy. This place gives deluxe service and sophisticated accommodation that most of the foreign tourists look forward to.


Explore Ilocos Norte and visiting all of its renowned places should be in your bucket list. This is guaranteed as a perfect getaway for you and your special other, friends, and family this summer.

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