From Budget to Luxury: 10 La Union Hotels Worth Checking Out

La Union has so many great options when it comes to hotels and rental rooms for vacationers and tourists. In fact, this place is one of the best spots to stay during summer vacations and beach travels. So, if you are looking for the perfect getaway this year, you can visit one of these top 10 La Union hotels that are worth checking out during holidays and vacation seasons:

Urbiz Garden Bed and Breakfast in San Juan, La Union (check discounted rates)

This is in 134 Beachfront, Barangay Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union. The rooms are complete with air condition units, parking spaces, restaurants, and even Wi-Fi connections. The nearby attractions you can enjoy include Ma-Cho temple, San Fernando dry market, Cliffs Golf Course and Beach Club, and the San Fernando Airport.

Flotsam & Jetsam Artists Hostel


Flotsam and Jetsam Hostel (check discounted rates)

If you want a place near MacArthur Highway, Urbiztondo, San Juan, you’ve got Flotsam and Jetsam Artist Beach Hostel. Here, you will enjoy air conditioned rooms, parking lots, local restaurants, and many tourist attractions around the area.

San Juan Surf Resort (check discounted rates)

In 1992, this resort was established by Brian Landrigan, an Australian surfer, with only three rooms. But now, you will enjoy 35 comfortable and stylish rooms that offers premium quality hospitality that pinoys Also, check out their surf school and shop, spa, bar, and restaurant. It’s cool, promise!

Aureo Resort in San Fernando, La Union (check discounted rates)

This one’s located in Munar Residence Rd, Barangay San Francisco, San Fernando. The luxury hotel amenities and space will surely level up your experience. The stylish swimming pool and suites can help you relax if you don’t want the beach.

Oasis Country Resort in San Fernando, La Union (check discounted rates)

For those who will travel to San Fernando, they can find the Oasis Country Resort in Oasis Centre, Sevilla. Good food, great customer service, entertaining areas, and the beach are only some of the highlights when you check in this resort.
Sea of Dreams Resort in Caba, La Union (check discounted rates)

If you’re travelling to Caba, La Union, you can find this sweet spot in Santiago Norte. The Sea of Dreams is an excellent spa resort that offers world-class service to local and international
La Union Blue Marlin Beach Resort in San Fernando (check discounted rates)

Another great spot in San Fernando, this resort will give you 24-hour front desk service, unlimited Wi-Fi connection, and cozy restaurants. Plus, you can choose between the studio-type with balcony room or the deluxe double room to accommodate your needs.

Thunderbird Poro Point Resort – Greece in the Philippines!

Thunderbird Resort – Poro Point (check discounted rates)

Guess there are unlimited options in San Fernando. Thunderbird Resort is another quality place to stay in La Union. They have villa with 2 bedrooms, deluxe rooms with balcony and beach view, and villa with 3 bedrooms for larger groups. Santorini in Elyu ftw!

Kahuna Resort and Spa

Kahuna Hotel, Café and Restaurant (check discounted rates)

This hotel offers 40 Filipino-Balinese- inspired rooms with stunning ocean and garden views. The premium facility provides ultimate experience of every guest that chooses Kahuna for their La Union stay.

P&M Final Option Hotel in San Juan, La Union (check discounted rates)

For your last resort, but definitely not the least, is P&M Final Option. This is also in San Juan with cozy and stylish rooms at budget-friendly rates. When you stay in this hotel you will get easy access to the top tourist destinations in La Union including the surf sites. This can be your first option to be honest!

Whatever your budget is, there is a perfect La Union hotel for you! You can check out top picks for La Union Hostels and Luxury Resorts. Surf na!


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