Where to Stay: Top 5 Luxury Hotels/Resorts in La Union

With only a few kilometers away from the capital city of the country, that is Manila, and a location situated with nearby seas, the province of La Union makes for a perfect retreat from the bustling city with a refreshing and re-invigorating experience of being at sea.

But what is a province such as La Union of all its beauty as a tourist destination if without its resorts to complement on its nearby seawaters?

Not surprisingly, there are plenty.

Listing for you some of La Union’s best resorts, here are five of them (and know why):

Thunderbird Poro Point Resort - Greece in the Philippines!
Thunderbird Poro Point Resort – Greece in the Philippines!

1.) Thunderbird Resorts Poro Point (check discounted rates)

Want a feel of Mediterranean for your vacation but do not have the luxury of time and money to go abroad? Why go overseas when you could experience just the same with Thunderbird Resorts Poro Point’s Mediterranean-inspired, 65-hectare luxury resort which looks out the West Philippine Sea.

Having an architectural design bearing some semblance after Santorini Islands, this resort gives you the feeling of being abroad in Greece for its designs—including facilities such as the hotel, entertainment, dining, and gaming facilities that make up a world-class resort—while at the same time reminding you of being local by meeting fellow Filipinos that makes the warming staffs and some of the customers in the beautifully-designed resort.

Kahuna Resort at Night
    1. Kahuna Resort (check discounted rates)

Yet another place in the country specific to La Union that gives you the feel of being while being not is the Kahuna Resort, a boutique resort and spa located at the heart of San Juan, La Union—a popular surf destination in Luzon—marked by cottages whose designs are a combination of Filipino and Balinese influences which gives the impression of being in Bali but still knowing that you are not.

Not surprisingly common to most resorts in the country, Kahuna Resort is a host to many of the welcoming staffs you will find in a resort as well as the best location possible with the nearby sea. Highlighting the experience is the ability to surf with the waves of the seas which is likely enjoyed by both kids and adults alike.


  1. Awesome Hotel San Juan (check discounted rates)

Just a 3-hour drive away from Manila, you will find yourself in one of the best hotel there is in San Juan, La Union. Known internationally and an awardee of the World Travel Award for two years in a row since 2014, you know that Awesome Hotel San Juan is not your ordinary hotel in a province growing in popularity among tourists for its beach waves at sea.


  1. Oasis Country Resort (check discounted rates)

Much can be said about Oasis Country Resort as a quality place of stay should you visit La Union in its capital city, San Fernando: it is a Department of Tourism (DOT)-accredited resort to be rated triple-A among other resorts in the region, and the only resort to be hailed by the Department of Health (DOH) as the “Healthiest Hotel in Region I.” But most importantly, this resort is a boon to the tourism industry within the Ilocos region.


  1. Villa Estrella Resort Hotel (check discounted rates)

Strategically placed in one of La Union’s prime tourist destinations Paringao, Bauang, Villa Estrella Resort Hotel is like a gateway to the city just outside your doorstep for all of its conveniences and comforts you will likely experienced as you get pampered with its high standard of service as well as amenities—everything you will need for a delightful stay can be found in your stay in this hotel.

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