Top 5 Tips and Tricks on Booking Cheaper Hotels

You don’t need to spend much money just to stay at a nice hotel. In fact, scoring the cheapest deals has never been easy with a few tricks. These tips include where to book hotels, finding the best deals, and knowing how to score discounts.

Here are the top 5 tips you need to find a comfortable hotel room that meets your budget:

  1. Snagging a cheaper room rate is possible when booking during the cancellation period. In most hotels, last minute bookings offer more affordable options. Cancellations in hotels often fall between 24 to 48 hours. During this period, hotel rooms are available at cheaper rates.
  2. Book your flight and hotel in a bundle. Savings can be made when you book your hotel room and flight together. This is a proven tip from the experts when it comes to booking hotels for budget travelers and backpackers.
  3. Sign up if there are loyalty programs offered by hotels. Receiving free upgrades can be enjoyed through loyalty programs. So when you look for hotels in your travel destination, make sure to consider signing up for these programs and other perks. Some of the best hotels in Shimla offer best-rate guarantees, exclusive events access, and free Wi-Fi.
  4. Subscribe to hotel alerts so you’ll get real-time updates whenever they offer discounted rates. This is more effective if you don’t have the time to surf the internet for hotel discounts and promos. Just sign up for real-time alerts and enjoy cheaper hotel bookings online. This means you’ll get emails when rates are lower than usual within a specific period.
  5. Check websites regularly to know where rates are decreasing or increasing. If you don’t have a particular place to visit yet, you can log onto sites that provide details on where rates are increasing or decreasing. Usually, the results you get are made according to the bookings on the site and the prices per room paid by customers, including fees and taxes.

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Another tip to get cheaper hotel room rates is to use a promo code. When booking online, you can get exclusive coupon codes on selected hotels. Or you can mention it’s your special day to enjoy amenity kits, upgrades, or discounts exclusive for birthday celebrants.

If you have membership programs or points earned through your credit card, you can also use them to get the best deals. Now you can go on a trip with cheaper hotel bookings using these tips.

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