Why You Must Consider Renting Out Your Property on Booking.com

If you have any unused property that you want to make money from, it’s simple to rent it out on online booking websites. Although there are plenty of other listing sites currently available on the internet, Booking.com is one of the most trusted platforms by tourists and travelers across the globe.

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Advantages of Using Booking.com

Listing your property on Booking.com is so easy. You just need to register, open your property, and welcome potential guests who are willing to stay in your place. However, there will be a commission you need to pay before you can take advantage of the web services.

Commission rate starts from 10 percent to 25 percent depending on the type of property you will rent out and which country you are currently in. The commission will be used in improving the services of the website including 24/7 email and phone support, property ads on affiliate sites and search engines, and technical and commercial advice from a professional team within your area.

Unlike other booking sites, there are no fees added to the price you will set. That means your potential customers will get the exact price you set for the rental of your property. So make sure you set the best price that suits your property and amenities. In case you don’t have an idea how much your property is worth, you can use the rate management tool provided by Booking.com in order to determine the right price.

Quick Tips in Listing Your Property

Upon registration, you need to provide one photo of your property. Make sure it is clear and highlights the best features of your place to make it stand out from the others. After completing the registration, you can now add more images and choose the main photo for the property.

To make it easier for potential customers to decide, you can add images of the rooms and other areas. Again, make sure your photos are in high resolution and right sizing. Don’t forget to read and understand the rental regulations set by Booking.com per country or city. There are certain municipalities and local government units that require license or permit before renting out properties.


Ultimately, set your house rules and make them clear with your guests before you accept rentals. Also, provide accurate property details for the customers to review before they rent your place. That’s how easy you can rent out your property on Booking.com!

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