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How does one decide on which places to visit when planning a trip? What’s the best hostel, business hotel or luxury resort to book? Which restaurant serves the best local cuisine? What if you need the comfort of Western or Asian cuisine?

Voice of Friends - Newest travel/foodie app/website to try!
Voice of Friends – Newest travel/foodie app/website to try!

There are tons of travel apps/websites which encourages travelers to post their own experiences. It is proven that such applications influence potential clients on where to go, where to stay, what to do and where to eat. Since these platforms are not really that ‘strict’ in signing up people to review hotels, restaurants and tours, you cannot fully trust them.

Just today, we came across Voice of Friends, a new social network site created for foodies and travelers! You may invite your most trusted friends in order to seek the best advice in relation to the things mentioned.

With the Voice of Friends application, you will never go wrong! A map to recommended destinations will also be provided. You can also contact reviewees privately if you have more questions or clarifications. Another plus for this app/website is zero spam and they respect your privacy.


The ‘group of friends’ behind this app/website started this project because of their quest to find the best Tapas in San Sebastian. Voice of Friends is not being used strongly by the European market and now, they’re slowly but surely penetrating the Asian market particularly the Philippines!

Be one of the first to sign up and recommend great places to fellow travelers! What would you recommend if someone asks you for the best hotel in Vigan City? What about the most romantic resort in Pagudpud? Where to eat when in Dagupan City or what’s the best hostels for surfers when visiting San Juan in La Union? Help people out and gain new friends! With this cool concept, I’m sure it will be one of the most downloadable travel apps of the year!

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