Top 10 Budget Hotels in Baguio City

Whether you’re looking for the most affordable accommodation in Baguio City for Panagbenga Fest or a casual trip to the city of pines, this is the ultimate list you need for a comfortable stay that fits your budget:

1. La Brea Inn.

Wi-Fi, coffee maker, TV, and comfortable beds, name it and La Brea Inn will give it to you. This budget hostel is simply the best if you’re visiting Baguio on a budget.

2. Hotel 45 Extension. (check discounted rates)

This is a practical option if you want to stay near Burnham Park, SM Baguio, and the Victory Liner station. They have spacious rooms with how showers, and a delicious silog breakfast.

Safari Lodge Baguio

3. Safari Lodge. (check discounted rates)

Enjoying the beauty of nature in Baguio is more unforgettable when you stay at the Safari Lodge. It’s spacious and offers breathtaking views of botanical gardens. You can get a massage service and experience local cuisine at their restaurant.

4. Paladin Hotel. (check discounted rates)

This is near the Ohayami Bus Terminal for convenient transpo services. It offers laid-back rooms, and is a few minutes away from the Session Road and Burnham Park.

5. Benguet Prime Hotel Baguio. (check discounted rates)

For the best deals, you can book your hotel room online in order to find the most suitable room you need. This hotel offers everything you need throughout your stay in the city.

6. Elegant Hotel. (check discounted rates)

Located at Magsaysay Avenue, you can quickly switch places between Baguio City and La Trinidad. They have great amenities, free parking space, and many more.

7. Henrio Hotel Kisad. (check discounted rates)

This hotel offers a real Baguio experience because of the premium accommodation services offered at an affordable rate. Also, this is near the airport so you can easily get a rest after your flight while enjoying the view of the Baguio Convention Center and Mountain Province Museum.

Ibay Zion Hotel

8. Ibay Zion Hotel. (check discounted rates)

This is in Mines View so if you are planning to visit the park, Ibay Zion Hotel is the place for you. The rooms feature simple furnishing, all the basics for a comfortable stay in Baguio City.

Inn Rocio Baguio

9. Inn Rocio. (check discounted rates)

This is the nearest if you want to stay in a cozy place close to the Central Business District of Baguio. It offers a homey feel so you won’t miss your home. Plus, the atmosphere here is so relaxing while enjoying the natural views surrounding this old house.

Upstairs Bed & Bath

10. Upstairs Bed and Bath. (check discounted rates)

If you’re traveling with a group, this is the perfect place in Baguio City. It’s a budget-friendly hostel that offers dormitories and rooms for a maximum of 15 people.

You can also try Baguio Village Inn for some whimsical vibes. It’s quite far from the city, therefore you can enjoy peaceful recreation while in Baguio. But the village inn is close to the Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad making it a perfect option.

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