Museums in Ilocos you should not miss!

Visiting Ilocos is not about bragging to be in another province. Ilocos is also a place for us to look back at what our country has to offer.  There are museums in Ilocos that can help us reminisce about our bright and nurturing past.  It is the reason why it is strongly advisable to bring the whole family in Ilocandia region. Not only do they enjoy on-site Philippine history lessons and affordable hotels, inns, and guesthouses in Ilocos – pristine beaches, Ilocano cuisine and fantastic tourist spots will make it the dream family vacation come true!


Here are the museums that you can visit while in Ilocos that you definitely should not miss!

Museo Ilocos Norte

Laoag City is arguably one of the most famous and most visited cities that travelers and vacationers go to while they are in Ilocos because it is home to the brightest Philippine culture and a whole lot of history and legacy.  Visiting the said museum can definitely give you a flashback of who you are as a Filipino as it is the concrete representation of what it’s like living in the past.

The whole location can be used for different activities; the museum is the continuous living legacy because it possesses different artifacts, clothes, machines, and a lot more that confesses how Filipinos in the past lived before machines.  There is also a library inside that can improve your knowledge about the different ways of living; there is patio for outside gatherings, and the Entablado for special events and small groups.  It is truly a sight for those who want to know more about our country and countrymen.

Marcos Museum and Mausoleum

For all those who are fascinated with our late Ferdinand Marcos, his house in Batac is now being treated as a museum that holds a lot of memories, along with it is his mausoleum where his remains are kept.  Outside the location, you will be fronted by a lot of the accomplishments of our late president like the news that he topped the bar exam and his different contributions when he was a part of our government.

Inside is like knowing the president himself.  A collection of his suitcases, neckties, hats, shoes, and a lot of what the late president possessed is kept there.  There are also wax figures of the president himself.  If you knew Ferdinand, you of course would know his wife, Imelda.  In the museum, a lot of her gowns, ternos, and coats are displayed.  Visiting the place is truly an elegant and a ravishing experience.


Juan and Antonio Luna Museum

The Luna brothers are a great representation of how a Filipino should fight for their country.  Juan Luna, the infamous painter known for his works such as The Spoliarium and The Death of Cleopatra; and his brother Antonio Luna, a general who fought in the Philippine – American war, has a museum in Badoc, Ilocos that you should visit if you’re there.

Get to know the brothers by going their old house which is now treated as the museum.  Relating to their life through various displays and interactive exhibits is truly an enlightening and honorable experience.

The museum is now modernized. It now has a touch-screen TV where visitors can view the paintings and awards that Juan received, the Luna family tree, and many more.  Thanks to technology, you can pretend to be a soldier while listening to a speech of Antonio Luna at the second floor.


Syquia Mansion

Vigan is where our late president Elpidio Quirino lived and you too shall not let the opportunity to go by his old mansion for a trip down memory lane.  The Syquia Mansion is like a reminiscing tool to keep you inside the tracks.  Visitors will be astounded by the different collections of the family that would absolutely define what and how it is being a Filipino at their time.  Local artifacts and literature are not the only things you would witness there as there also are foreign and imported ones that the family collected.

You will also see a big replica of Juan Luna’s Spoliarium inside the mansion.  Some members of the Quirino family still use this mansion so do not be surprised if you see a bit of modernized look to it.

Hotel Luna

Vigan is not just about vacation and having fun, it is also home to the Philippines oldest and most precious gems, artifacts, and literature; Hotel Luna is one of them.  The establishment is an old Spanish colonial house which was built in the year 1882 and is home to our country’s most beautiful paintings such as Fernando Amorsolo’s Lavandera and BenCab’s Sabel.

The Hotel’s former living room is where you will find the best Philippine-related literature you will ever see in your life.  You will see paintings and sculptures of BenCab, Napoleon Abueva, Arturo Luz, Vicente Manansala, Ronald Ventura, and of course, Juan Luna.  It is a great place for both accommodation and a glance at our country’s rich literature.


These are only five (5) of the locations you can visit while you are in Ilocos.  Remember that vacation is the time where you relax and free yourself from all the stress but you can also slip a little bit of history along with that enjoyment.



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