5 Reasons to Move to Alberta

It started with a photo. I was mesmerized with a turquoise water that seems to glisten like a gem under the sun. The vastness of the mountains behind it seems imposing yet at the same time inviting.  It was the photo of Banff that gave me the reason to want to move to Canada.

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Now Alberta is such a huge territory. Among the other territories of the country, it lies on the West coast, making it the perfect place to settle. Apart from the stunning nature, there are a lot more reasons why I convinced myself to move to Alberta.

With my in depth research, which took me hours, weeks, and months, I give you a summary of the 5 reasons why you should move to Alberta. Read on and be inspired!

  1. Affordable

Living in Alberta is definitely way more cheaper than living in world cities such as New York or Paris. Without such lofty prices and cost of living, you can enjoy the same amenities and establish great connections in Calgary, Alberta. For a single person like me, Calgary is about 27% cheaper to live in compared to New York. And let us not forget about the universal health care system of Canada. That alone convinced me to pack my bags and move to the maple country.

2.  Climate

Although Canadian winter is notorious for its harsh climate, Alberta has a continental climate. Meaning it has more sunshine compared to other provinces in Canada. The location of Alberta allows dry air from the Pacific to raise the otherwise cold temperature, making the climate all year round bearable. IN summer, you don’t have to suffer with the province’s pleasant 20 to 25 degree Celsius temperature. In the winter, temperature is bearable at -15 degree Celsius.

So don’t worry about your aching knees or dry skin, Alberta climate is more bearable compared to others.

3.  Accessibility

Location wise, you are smack in the middle of everything. Alberta is sandwiched between British Columbia and Saskatchewan, two great provinces of Canada. You can easily fly to the East coast of West Coast of the United States without much time difference. Across the pond is already Europe, on the other side is Asia. Within Alberta itself is an extensive network of reliable transportation systems – buses, trains, trams, shuttles, taxis. You name it. Their advanced and dependable transportation network would allow you to easily navigate within the city you would like to settle in.

4. Great place to start a family

The City of St. Albert in Alberta is a medium sized city. It’s not too huge that it is crowded, yet not too tiny that it is suffocating. The unemployment rate in the city is low and so is the crime rate. It is safe and has the facilities you will be needing in order to have a pleasant life.  The size too is just right particularly if you are planning to start a family. Planting your roots in a city such as St Albert is a good choice, especially because real estate is cheaper compared to other cities in the country (Toronto, Vancouver or Ontario). Don’t believe me? Check the real estate listings in this fantastic website which contains all of the great deals St Albert real estate has to offer. Make sure don’t let your jaw drop when you see the photos and prices!

5. Perfect balance between urban and rural

If you want a balance between a big city lifestyle and a chill outdoor vibe, then Strathcona County is perfect for you. It has a lot of lake parks, lake trails and outdoor trails where you can enjoy hiking, walking, canoeing and all outdoor activities you could think of. At the same time, it gives you a balance of the urban life that you may have been accustomed to. With all the amenities – restaurants, gyms, offices, hospitals that you will need, this part of Alberta is just perfect to fit the life that you have been dreaming of.

So, should we pack our bags and live the rest of our lives in Alberta? Who is with me? See you in the comments section!

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