10 Things to Do and Places to Visit in Palm Springs

Whether you’re looking for some awesome attractions or exciting activities to try, Palm Springs is the place to go. The options range from family-friendly sites to thrilling adventures, or maybe in-between. You can enjoy the surrounding natural beauty at the natural preserve, zoo, national park, and even in the villas of Palm Springs. There are also farms and museums to check out with local specialties you need to try. So come on and discover the historic roots of Palm Springs and what makes it more beautiful today than ever.

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Take a look at our suggested things to do and places to visit in Palm Springs!


  1. Aerial Tramway. Trekking to the Tramway Road is one breathtaking experience as you go around Palm Springs. It will lead you to a classic gondola ride while enjoying the canyon view across the mountains. Inside the rotating car, you will witness the Coachella Valley and other impressive views. You will also get to try the mountaintop lounge, restaurant, and you may decide to hike the beautiful San Jacinto Mountains.


  1. Tahquitz Canyon. Have you ever seen a flowing water in a desert? Well, you’re about to witness one at the Tahquitz Canyon. It’s a 2-mile loop that will lead you to a 50 feet waterfall in the heart of the canyon. You will find the falls within the popular reservation called Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians. The admission fee is only at $5, and you can enjoy the impeccable trail with crystal clear waterfalls.


  1. Moorten Botanical Garden. This one-acre size botanical garden offers wide variety of cactus as well as other interesting desert plants. Since 1930s, this family-owned botanical garden harbors over 3,000 desert plants that came from various parts of the globe. It is time for you to be appreciative of the benefits and health wonders of botanical plants. It is advisable that you bring kids with you since most parks in the world are being converted into parking lots.


  1. Air Museum. In this amazing building, you will witness the combat aircraft used during the Vietnam and Korea era as well as the World War II. There are over 40 static and flyable air planes spread on the three warehouses. Specifically, you will see the B-17 flying fortress, F-4 fighter jet C-47 aircraft, and PBY Catalina Flying Boat. The Air Museum offers expensive flights for the P-51 Mustang and C-47 Skytrain.


  1. Art Museum. With mid-size structure, this museum contains modern paintings, art glass, and sculpture. There are also recognizable artworks from Edward Ruscha, Mark di Suvero, Sam Francis, Robert Motherwell, and Helen Frankenthaler to name a few. Art lovers and aficionados will surely enjoy their stay in this museum. A visual and historical feast indeed!


  1. Sunnylands. This is the former “winter treat” for the affluent Annenberg Family. For decades, it’s also a favorite summit space of presidents. The Sunnylands is located at the Rancho Mirage, an area of 200 acres irrigated desert. But today, it is mostly occupied by the golf course, with 12 acres of land for public gardens. At the Visitor Center, you will enjoy a rotating Annenberg collection of art masterpieces.


  1. Visitors Center. You will need to visit the welcome center in Palm Springs even if there’s nothing else you need from the information desk because of its unique structural design. In 1965, the Space Age first opened as gas station. But when Robson Chamber and Albert Frey’s retro architectural plan was devised for the 90’s wrecking ball, the site was preserved and transformed into what we call now, the Visitors Center. Now that is what we call a grand welcome to Palm Springs!


  1. The Living Desert. Travelers in Palm Springs make sure to visit this botanical garden and zoo, especially when they’re with their family. The place is designed like the world’s top deserts with mountain lions, giraffes, cheetahs, and zebras seen around. These incredible animals are not just fun to watch, but others can be fed by visitors. That’s one exciting experience to have at The Living Desert.


  1. Cabazon Dinosaurs. This place is where you will find the 100-ton T.Rex and Brontosaurus sculptures. Before, it served as a 24-hour diner for motorists going to Palm Springs. And now, the entrance is guarded to Creationist themed dinosaur museum with fascinating facts. Kids and adults who are fascinated with Dinosaurs and the past must visit this place!


  1. Mid-century Modern Homes. Before you end your trip in Palm Springs, make sure to check out the mid-century modern homes or villas. However, it’s important to keep in mind that these are private homes so avoid knocking at the doors. Touring around the villas are allowed, as long as you respect the neighborhood. You will also see the Araby Cove, Tennis Club, and architectural gems spread as you walk around. Some of the best highlights are Elvis’s Honeymoon, Del Marcos Hotel, Edris House, and the Hideaway.


For Filipinos or any Asians, a trip to the United States of America is a dream come true. Visiting the California state and staying long at Palm Springs in a luxurious or comfortable manner is the life!

So if you are planning a trip to Palm Springs this year, make sure to check out this guide and get ready for an exciting adventure to the Greater Palm Springs with your friends and family!

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