Museums in Ilocos you should not miss!


Visiting Ilocos is not about bragging to be in another province. Ilocos is also a place for us to look back at what our country has to offer.  There are museums in Ilocos that can help us reminisce about our bright and nurturing past.  It…

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Top 10 Hotels in Laoag City, Ilocos Norte – Where to Stay


LAOAG CITY is the capital of Ilocos Norte. For most travelers visiting Ilocandia, this is the starting point. Thanks for the existence of the Laoag International Airport, traveling to Ilocos Norte is not as time-consuming anymore. Now, we compiled some of the best hotels/resorts of…

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Laoag City Tour: Places to Visit and Things to Do


Ilocos Norte is one of the most visited places during the holy week and summer vacation. With a lot of interesting places to visit, you will surely enjoy your stay in Laoag, Ilocos Norte. Here are some of the places you should visit during your…

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Where to Stay in Laoag City, Ilocos Norte: List of Hotels, Lodging and Resorts with Contact Numbers


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Laoag City is the capital of Ilocos Norte. You’ll find the Laoag International Airport and it is the gateway to Ilocandia. Sometimes, travelers would prefer to stay for a night to rest and prepare for their next destination. Here’s a list of our recommended Hotels,…

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