20 Interesting Facts about Sandro Marcos


The newest Vice-President of the Philippines has yet to be announced. The competition between LP’s Leni Robredo and Ilocandia’s Bongbong Marcos is much hotter than the weather. Enough of politics for now. One of the ‘characters’ in the chaotic Presidential Elections 2016 is no other…

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10 Things You Don’t Know About Gen. Antonio Luna


We all know Gen. Antonio Luna. He’s famous for his moustache with exquisite curls and his fiery temper. We also know him as one of the fiercest generals during the colonial era and the younger brother of famous Filipino painter Juan Luna. In history books,…

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Philippine Heroes: Diego and Gabriela Silang


Diego and Gabriela Silang are two of the two of the many Filipinos who were brave enough to lead their people to rise against the Spaniards in order to gain our country’s freedom. Diego Meets Gabriela While Diego works as a messenger for the Spaniards,…

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